• Sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes long and cost $50  Quite simply, everyone can benefit from Reiki. including your pets!  If you are basically healthy, Reiki energy helps you to stay clear and balanced.  If you have been diagnosed with a disease, received an injury, or fallen under any other sources of stress, Reiki assists in the natural healing process. Click Here to schedule your appointment using my online calendar
  • Distance Healing Session

    One of the many benefits of Distance Reiki Treatments is you can be anywhere to receive it and you never have to leave your home.  Reiki energy “works” wherever you are and transcends time and physical space.  Energy has no boundaries.

    **We will contact you using the information provided during checkout to schedule a date for the Distance Reiki Treatment**

  • Learn and be connected to Reiki, the Universal Life Force Energy that has been used successfully all over the world to heal emotional, physical, and energetic imbalances.  Body, Mind & Spirit.
  • I offer a 1-hour Infusing Training to Reiki Level II Practitioners and Level Ill Masters/Teachers. I created my own method for Reiki Infusing. When I train you in Infusing with Reiki, you will learn to allow the Reiki energy to flow through you, increasing the energy in the object, and in turn, to those who use the items.
  • Reiki Energy Infusion with Intentions and Affirmations will nourish and heal the body, mind & spirit as it travels to every cell of those who partake of it. Infused food cleanses the body of toxins to enhance healing, changing your internal organs at a cellular level.
  • Horse Reiki

    One - 1 Hour Session includes a 10-minute consultation with the owner, a 10-minute warm-up with the horse, and a 40-minute hands-on Reiki session. If outside Pinellas County, contact me for additional travel costs.
  • 6-hour one-day class Includes:  Use of Level I (70-page Manual) & Level II (136-page Manual) which may be purchased separately at the Refresher. 4 Attunements for each Level Snacks provided Level I & II training is normally a total of $300. This Refresher is $200.
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