Receive Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Training from a Reiki Master, Brenda Griesheimer, 7 removed from the Founder, Dr. Usui

How Brenda Can Help

Quite simply, everyone (including your pets)!  If you are basically healthy, Reiki energy helps you to stay clear and balanced.  If you have been diagnosed with a disease, received an injury or fallen under any other sources of stress, Reiki assists the natural healing process.


Reiki is a gentle and subtle energy transference.  Some people experience warmth from the touch of the practitioner.  Others feel the coolness in certain areas, or a tingling or pulsing sensation.  Still, others report an expanded sense of peace and relaxation.  You can always trust Reiki energy therapy will flow to wherever it is needed during treatment.


  • Stress Reduction & Relaxation
  • Deeper Meditation
  • Better Sleep
  • More Energy
  • Recovery Support
  • Transition Guidance
  • Physical Pain Relief
  • Emotional & Spiritual Healing

Let’s work together to enhance the quality of your life.

With Love & Light

Training and treatment options available

TREATMENT OPTIONS – Reiki energy healing takes place when I clear and balance each energy point (chakra)

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Brenda’s Reiki Services really helped me with my pain and anxiety. The day I received her Reiki services, I had a clearer mind and a truly relaxed soul. I look forward to our next reiki session!
Tabitha Foss

I noticed during my Reiki session with Brenda that even though there was no physical contact, I could have sworn her hands were rubbing my knees when they weren’t. Its incredible how much energy was in the room and clearly surrounding us. I will be following up with Brenda soon for another Reiki session!

Heather Hutto