There is an endless reservoir of healing available from the spiritual side of life for the use of individuals on the earth’s plane.  I use Magnetic Healing to tap into this power.  Today I’d like to explain what makes your Reiki Experience with me different because I’m also a Magnetic Healer.  Please do not confuse this with Magnet Healing where magnets are used on the body to promote healing.

The Essence of Spiritual Magnetic Healing

I have been a Magnetic Healer for over 50 years, transferring Life Force Energy by using specific Prayers and Light Touch.  As a Reiki Master for the past 10 years, I most often refer to this Source of Healing as Universal Life Force Energy.  I have also referred to the “Source” as God, Creator, Spirit, Higher Power, and Infinite Intelligence.

Magnetic Healing:  Amplifying Life Force Energy

Magnetic Healing is a superabundance of magnetic energy within a physical being.  I share Magnetic Energy with all my clients whose energies are low or who need physical or emotional healing.  My compassion for my client’s well-being helps me transfer this magnetic healing energy to others.  This gives them a feeling of trust and hopefulness.

This type of healing is seen when a mother kisses her baby’s ‘boo-boo’ to make it better.  Just holding a sick person’s hand can make them feel better.  As a Magnetic Healer, I intuitively know what is needed during a session.

Integrating My Magnetic Healing in My Reiki Treatments

I warmly invite you to experience the transformative power of Reiki with my Magnetic Healing abilities.  Whether seeking relief from physical ailments, emotional burdens, or spiritual awareness, my powerful treatments offer an experience of renewal and healing.