All About Brenda

Hi! I’m Brenda Griesheimer, 73 years young and living with my husband, Rick, in serene Seminole, Florida. I raised two sons, Michael and Tracer, and my daughter, Christie. Now I have the joy of being a grandmother to six grandchildren.

My first introduction to Reiki was at a guided meditation where they offered Reiki during the meditation. My back was aching from a hectic day at work, so I was ready to try something new to relieve the stress knot. Within minutes of someone placing their hands on my head, the pain was gone.
Two weeks later in the same setting and condition, I raised my hand for a Reiki treatment. Within minutes, the pain was gone. I told my husband, “I have to find out how this Reiki works.”

I attended a Holistic Festival where I felt drawn to a booth where Dr. Alison J. Kay, Ph.D., 6 removed from Dr. Usui, was giving energy activations and chakra clearings. Alison studied Reiki and energy modalities in Asia for 10 years. I studied under her for one year, traditionally trained in a pure lineage. I became a Reiki Master/Teacher myself, 7 removed from the founder, Dr. Usui.

Reiki is another way of “plugging into the Source” for positive, life-changing results.  My passion is to provide others with the tools to become their most healthy and vibrant version of themselves.