Reiki – Level 1


Learn and be connected to Reiki, the Universal Life Force Energy that has been used successfully all over the world to heal emotional, physical, and energetic imbalances.  Body, Mind & Spirit.

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  • Saging Ceremony (with your own Sage bundle to keep) to cleanse your environment.
  • Two Reiki clearing crystals for your personal use
  • Two Reiki inspired meditations.
  • 68-page Level I manual
  • Four Level I Attunements – A MUST – The traditional process as taught by Dr. Usui to open your channels to Reiki energy.
  • Self-Reiki Treatment
  • Reiki Journal – to track your 30-day Self-Reiki regimen and what you experience on your Reiki Journey.
  • Presentation of Certification Diploma – Level I
  • Once a month Reiki Share – to give & receive Reiki treatments
  • A weekly 15-minute phone conversation with your Reiki Master for one month after each class, to share experiences and ask questions to support you on your Reiki Journey.
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