Balance & flow of our energy is vital to our well-being!

Reiki Treatments Can Help

Are you wound so tight you can’t relax?  Is your everyday life making you feel overwhelmed?  Is stress on the job or at home draining your physical energy?  Are your emotions raw because you’re dealing with a difficult situation?  Reiki Energy Treatments and Meditation both relieve physical and emotional stress.  I offer private Reiki treatments and private meditation instruction and group meditation instruction.  Become the most vibrant version of yourself.

Are you unable to stop thoughts and be still?  Is there a squirrel cage going on in your head when you try to meditate? Meditation is a practice.   If you feel stagnant or if you’re looking for new ideas, I will instruct you in several techniques. Let me help you find the ones that work for you. I offer instruction in Meditation in group sessions or privately.

Contact Brenda for dates and details.

Are you sleeping soundly?  Do you wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep?  Reiki Energy Treatments and Meditation both promote better sleep.  one-one- meditation instructions and group meditation instruction.
Feeling sluggish and unmotivated?  Are you tired when you wake up in the morning and feel worse as the day goes on?  How is your energy level?  Are you feeling out of balance physically and emotionally?  Reiki amplifies and balances our energy, minimizing feelings of fatigue.  Meditation has also been proven to increase our energy.

Have you been trying to control an addiction with your own will power?  How’s your way working for you?   I am experienced in 12-Step Recovery for Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Eating Disorders and Divorce.  There is a solution.

Reiki Energy Healing Treatments also improve a sense of well-being.  Contact me for details and pricing.

Are you or a loved one dealing with an end of life situation?   With 10 years experience in the funeral home business and having experienced 10 family member deaths over a short 8 year period, I can help you both personally and professionally.  I can assist you plan for your or a loved one’s funeral or cremation, both at the time of need and with advanced planning.  It is a gift to your loved ones to talk about your arrangements before death occurs.  Transition can go more smoothly and with far less stress, giving everyone peace of mind.

Currently, I am Director of Preplanning for Veterans Funeral Care, Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, but serving throughout the U.S.  We also serve non-veterans.

Is your back aching?  Are you experiencing frequent, painful headaches?  Reiki treatments can give you relief from physical ailments and discomfort.

Is that voice in your head tormenting you again?  What is blocking you from emotional or spiritual well-being?  Let’s talk, about the process to freedom.

Training and treatment options available

TREATMENT OPTIONS – Reiki energy healing takes place when I clear and balance each energy point (chakra)

I am here to help you become the most vibrant version of yourself!