Horse Reiki


One – 1 Hour Session includes a 10-minute consultation with the owner, a 10-minute warm-up with the horse, and a 40-minute hands-on Reiki session. If outside Pinellas County, contact me for additional travel costs.

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Could there be something holding your horse back from being all you want them to be? Many horses have the same issues as humans. I give Reiki Energy Therapy to horses just like I do to people and see positive results. Do you believe there might be psychological or physical issues that may be the result of abuse or abandonment? Have they experienced stress, illness, trauma, or other afflictions?

I owned several horses for ten years while living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I loved working with and treating horses. I had such a spiritual connection with my horses that people used to call me The Horse Whisperer.

I have seen horses go from nervous pacing to a calm and relaxed state within minutes after giving them a Reiki session. Just like people, horses are individuals with specific needs. We can discuss your concerns and your horse’s needs during your free consultation.

Horses are majestic and amazing creatures. Reiki is a powerful and effective method for healing the body, mind & spirit. Treating horses with Reiki can be life-changing for both the horses and the people who love them.

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