My Happy Clients

I went to Brenda for help with hip, leg, and foot pain and restless leg syndrome that has been disrupting my sleep for many years. I didn’t know what to expect from reiki, but I was amazed at how her warm hands immediately sparked sensations in all the trouble spots and, over the course of our sessions, greater and greater releases of tension and emotion. Almost as important is the warmth of Brenda’s spirit and the kind, empathic way she addresses all my issues in body and mind. Her treatment room is a soft, welcoming, colorful space that immediately invites you to relax. The whole experience has been a joy, and the treatments have been so effective that I decided to receive Level One attunement. This was a beautiful and supportive offering that has given me a feeling of empowerment to connect with my own energy and begin to heal myself. I highly recommend Brenda’s treatment and teaching, and I thank her for her friendship.
Jacqueline, Gulfport, FL

I have suffered from fibromyalgia my entire life. I was finally diagnosed in 1995 – 26 years ago. I experience pain and fatigue daily. Brenda has been giving me Reiki treatments every couple of weeks for the past 3 ½ months. I improve in mind and soul with each Reiki session, which is helping with fibromyalgia on a daily basis. I feel more focused and clear-headed. I am able to follow through and finish projects. I was not able to do that for many years in various degrees

Joan S.

I had a wonderful time learning Reiki from Brenda.  She was there for me throughout the entire learning process.  Not only the actual lessons and amazing attunements but through weekly phone calls and emails afterward.  I never felt embarrassed to ask her any questions.  Brenda is an excellent teacher.  Her classes are interesting and the manuals she gave me are very thorough, touching on every important aspect in each Level of training.  I am grateful to be able to give others Reiki treatments now and I recommend all my friends to train with Brenda.

Lucy Chapman-Evoy

From the first time I met Brenda, I could feel a certain calm energy and peacefulness surrounding her that made me want to be in her presence.

Months later, I learned she was a Reiki Master and was offered the opportunity to learn Reiki healing from her.  What an honor and a privilege it has been to learn from such a knowledgeable, gifted healer!  I have taken my Level 1 and 2 Reiki Training Classes from Brenda in her beautiful tropical oasis home, filled with healing crystals.  I can’t help but feel a sense of peace and tranquility when I enter and await the knowledge and energy Brenda will impart!

In addition to training me in the ways of Reiki healing, Brenda has also been immensely helpful in providing distance healing when I was having very serious back pain issues that even my doctor could not help me with.  After her healing sessions, I am happy to report I have been pain-free – something my doctors could not help me with after months of appointments and frustration!

If you have the opportunity to learn from Brenda, I highly recommend you take it!  It will change your life!!

Kammie L. Tipton
I received a Reiki treatment from Brenda in July, 2016; it was my first. It was a little different than what I imagined, but pretty powerful. I released a lot of energy in my body and had to rest a while afterwards. The next day I noticed that my arm that I had tweaked somehow (I couldn’t hold a pot with it extended) was better. My normal muscle strength had been restored with no pain. I would definitely like another session.

Sharon Poppler

Thank you, Brenda, for the many Reiki treatments you have given me over the past three years.  In the past month you have given me two 70-minute full-body treatments.   After the 2nd treatment, the pain in my back subsided considerably more than the 1st treatment. I knew the minute I got up from your Reiki table that the pain was not as intense.  Hours later in the day, I could still feel the difference.  I look forward to my next treatment with you and I believe Reiki is going to continue to work wonders.

Nancy Hallbourg
Brenda’s Reiki Services really helped me with my pain and anxiety. The day I received her Reiki services, I had a clearer mind and a truly relaxed soul. I look forward to our next reiki session!
Tabitha Foss

Brenda has been giving me Reiki treatments for 4 years and I tell everyone she is a gifted healer.  When she comes to my home to give me Reiki, my cat, who normally won’t go near anyone, jumps up on the bed and nuzzles her hands while he is touching me.  I don’t know if he is supporting what Brenda is doing for me or if he wants “in on” the Reiki energy for himself.

Noni Wilson

I am a respiratory therapist.  I suffered a head injury with post-concussion symptoms while on the job.  Seeking out all avenues of treatment, it was suggested to try Reiki treatments with Brenda.  For two years Brenda has been diligently administering Reiki treatments to me in addition to the medications and medical procedures I am receiving.  I firmly believe in the shifting healing power of the treatments and immediately feel relief no matter how short or how long her hands have been on me.  Brenda has also taught me to meditate on a much deeper level and I love the calming results.  I recommend Brenda to my friends and I look forward to my time with her.

Christine Arbasak
Having had breast cancer with complications including MRSA infection in 2014, I discussed it with my husband that I needed to find a Reiki Master, only to discover my friend, Brenda, had become a Reiki Master. Her treatments not only helped to speed up healing, but also gave me more mobility than I had for the past two years in my neck. I was able to drive again after one and half years. Another problem I had was a continuous chill in my chest during my cancer treatments. After Brenda gave me six treatments, I no longer had chills.

My husband has also benefited from her Reiki treatments. He had severe pain in his ankles and feet, but after a couple months of treatment, he now has less pain.

Noni, Seminole, FL

Thank you, Brenda, for giving me my Level II Reiki Training.  You have always encouraged me to continue giving Reiki to my friends and family, as well as to myself.  You always check in with me and I love that we share Reiki, meditation, and other recovery methods with each other.  You are a dear friend and an excellent Reiki Master and teacher.  I look forward to Level III Training and Attunements with you.

Sandy Amon
I received a Reiki treatment from Brenda Greisheimer (RMT, IARP) in early July,2016. This was my first such treatment and I was particularly interested in improvement in recovery time i.e., decreased pain and increased healing in my current standard physical therapy (PT) for my tennis elbow injury. Progress in PT had been going slow for about three months. I experienced improvement within 24 hours of her (one) treatment which continued for about 3-4 weeks and has allowed me to get back to about 80-90% of my per-injury routine weight training workouts. After aforementioned treatment I also noticed (within 24 hours) a remarkable improvement in the range in motion in twisting my head side-to side!
David P., California

Thank you, Brenda, for sending Reiki Distance Healing to our precious dog, Downey.  He suffered a stroke and couldn’t stand or walk.  We had to hold him up to go potty.  She sent him distant Reiki healing treatments and he is now running around again.  He has a slight limp, but he seems as happy as ever.  I am so grateful for all the healing Reiki treatments she did for our fur baby. I highly recommend her.

Shelly Finn
For five months I was losing mobility in my right hand and forearm. My fingernails were turning blue and I was in a lot of pain. I was also experiencing numbness and tingling and I was having a hard time working as a medical receptionist. My doctor examined me and said it could be carpal tunnel. Brenda introduced me to Reiki and I began to feel better after two treatments over a two week period. After my third treatment all symptoms were gone.

Crystal Dennington, Largo, FL.

I was immediately comfortable with Brenda as a person and as a teacher.  Her calm disposition put me at ease.  She began our instruction in a relaxed manner and it made me feel peaceful and able to slow down.  As Brenda introduced us to the history of Reiki in Level I, I was in the company of a teacher who respected the foundations of this practice and wanted to instill in her students, the beautiful simplicity of this discipline as I was meant to be practiced.

After Level II (which we did as a virtual online class & Distant Attunements, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt completely equipped and able to share Reiki treatments with my family.  I can’t wait until Social Distancing is a thing of the past, so I can start my own practice.  Our World needs more Reiki!

Tricia SirLouis

Thank you, Brenda, for all the Reiki treatments you have given me over the past few years.  Thank you for encouraging me to take Reiki training and attunements, even though I am 82 years old.  I am giving myself self-Reiki and I have enjoyed the Level I and Level II training and attunements.  I am looking forward to Level III because I want to share the love and healing of Reiki with my friends and family.  You made it easy and fun for me and I will always love my Reiki Master, Brenda.

Yvonne Hughes, Largo, FL.