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One of the many benefits of Distance Reiki Treatments is you can be anywhere to receive it and you never have to leave your home.  Reiki energy “works” wherever you are and transcends time and physical space.  Energy has no boundaries.

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Here are a few steps to take to get the most from your treatment.

Be in a receptive state (such as lying down or meditating) during the treatment.  I like to have a photo of you emailed to me with your name, where you are (state or country), and what your intention is to receive from the treatment.  This information will help me connect with you if we haven’t met before.

Treat this time like meditation or any practice you perform to get you in a receptive state.  Create a peaceful environment for yourself.  If you’re at home, sit in your favorite space, a beautiful spot outside, or relax on your bed.  You may want to enhance your experience by using crystals, essential oils, or incense and calming music.

Turn off any phones and close your computer.  This time is for you.  Wear comfortable clothing and make sure you aren’t cold by having a jacket or blanket nearby.

We will set a date and time and five minutes before our designated time I will call you to be sure you are ready.  At that time, close your eyes and take several deep breaths.  Bring your focus to your natural breathing.  Set your Intention of what you would like to receive during this treatment.  If thoughts come in, say “thinking” to yourself and go back to concentrating on your breath or the music.

Have an open mind, knowing you are right where you’re supposed to be.  Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy, always positive and never harmful.

If you haven’t fallen asleep at the finish of our time together, take three deep breaths and bring yourself back to the present moment.  It’s always good to drink a tall glass of water when there has been energy movement.

I never call you afterward, in case you are asleep; however, I’d love to talk with you after the treatment, if you are awake and have time.  If you did fall asleep, please call me in the next day or two, so we can discuss your experience and how you’re feeling.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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