• Saging Ceremony (with your own Sage bundle to keep) to cleanse your environment.
  • One Reiki clearing crystal with properties of energy magnification for your personal use.
  • Two Reiki inspired meditations.
  • 57-page Level III manual
  • Your Personal Reiki Experience Journal
  • Once a month Reiki Share – to give & receive Reiki treatments.
  • The Master Symbol – the 4th Sacred Reiki Symbol
  • The Sui Ching Tibetan Water Attunement (rarely taught to Reiki Masters) creates a unique, powerful interchange of energy between the class participant’s chakras. The water is energized in a Crystal Singing Bowl.
  • Four Level III Master Attunements – A MUST – the traditional process as taught by Dr. Usui to open your channels to Reiki energy.
  • Presentation of Certification Diploma – Level III Master/Teacher
  • A weekly 15-minute phone conversation with your Reiki Master for one month after each class, to share experiences and ask questions to support you on your Reiki Journey.