What is a Distance Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy.  Energy has no boundaries.  As an attuned Reiki Practitioner/Master, I can send Distance Reiki Healing to you from any distance.  We could be in the same room or we could be in different cities, states or countries.

Madame Hawayo Takata, one of the original Reiki Master/Teachers under the founder, Dr. Mikao Usui, explained Reiki like a Radio Wave.  When we turn on the switch, the current travels and we receive sound.  We don’t fully understand how that works, but we know it works once we have experienced it.

Distance Reiki Healing also relies on the Reiki practitioner getting on the same frequency with the recipient, to connect the Reiki/Universal Life Force Energy healing.

Why Would I Want Distance Reiki Healing If I Am Already Receiving Reiki Treatments?

When I treat someone in a full Reiki Energy Treatment for over an hour touching on every major energy point and their condition is chronic, I will recommend Distance Reiki Healing between scheduled treatments.  A “little” Reiki is better than “no” Reiki.  Often, Reiki Healing is not “one and done” for maximum results.

I have been treating a lady with emotional issues for several months and our experience has been that she is becoming more peaceful and living a happier life, improving with each treatment.  “Trust the Process!”  It works, it really does!

Why Distance Reiki Healing?

There are various reasons why people may not want to have an in-person Reiki treatment:

  • They may live too far away to meet with me.
  • Or, they don’t care to be physically touched by another.
  • Or, some people are still keeping their distance due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Or, some people may want to refresh and keep the energy flowing between their in-person treatments.

How Does Distance Reiki Healing Work?

We all have this innate healing ability which, when turned on and energized, will promote self-healing.  A Reiki practitioner sending Distance Reiki Healing connects with your Life Force Energy and you can receive life-changing results, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  At the start of each treatment, you set your intention to receive Distance Reiki Healing for your specific needs and you can expect to see results.

When To Receive Distance Reiki Healing

When you schedule Distance Reiki Healing with me, we will choose days/nights at specific times that work comfortably into our schedules.  I offer 20 or 30 minute Distance Reiki Healing treatments.  It is advised to be relaxed in a comfortable chair or in bed when you are going to receive Distance Reiki Healing.  Being comfortable in your own home is most beneficial.  Many people tell me they became very relaxed during the treatment, so you might be prepared to fall asleep during or right after your Distance Reiki Healing treatment, and that is perfectly fine. Sleep is the best time for our body to recover and heal in Body, Mind & Spirit.

What Do You Need To Do During A Distance Reiki Healing Treatment?

I usually alert the person receiving the treatment a few minutes before I begin the treatment.  I will text or call you that I am beginning your Distance Reiki Healing treatment and ask you to please sit down or lie down on your recliner, couch or bed and that I will begin at our appointed time.  Sometimes, if we have had Distance Reiki Healing treatments already, I will simply text: “Reiki coming your way!”

I instruct you to be free of distractions, relax, state your intention to receive this Distance Reiki Healing and begin by taking deep breaths.  You may want to play relaxing music during our time together unless you prefer silence.  Meditating during Distance Reiki Healing is a good way for you to stay focused and in a peaceful state.

Be aware of any sensations you may feel during the treatment…..warmth, pressure, tingling, pulsating, heaviness or lightness.  Don’t be alarmed if the energy feels strong – Reiki is always Safe.

You may not sense anything during your Distance Reiki Healing treatment and this is also very normal.  You may feel the benefits later or the next day.  Reiki energy always goes exactly where it is needed.  We will discuss what you experienced and you may ask me questions in a free consultation with me sometime after your treatment.