Reiki is not a Religion!  Reiki is Energy Work!  There is Energy Everywhere in this World!  Light is Energy, God said: “Let There Be Light” and the first Energy was released.

Reiki is a Japanese word (don’t let that fact scare you) that means “Universal Life Force Energy.”  My personal belief is that God is The Universal Life Force.  God is Love, Healing & Restoration.  That’s the Power I’m tapping into through Reiki.  Christians call on the Name of Jesus Christ.  I always ask for Jesus’ help when I’m giving Reiki treatments.

I always want to be open to improving my conscious contact with God.     I can learn from others’ experiences and I can also trust my instincts. I want to be open to learning how to bring the Universal Life Force into my life to help and heal others.

Hands-On Healing has been used for thousands of years.  Jesus Christ called on God’s Love & Power and healed and freed those He touched.  Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered Reiki in the 1800s.  Dr. Usui was the President of a Christian school, DoShiSha University, in Kyoto, Japan.

Reiki works hand in hand with our beliefs and faith, always adding love, strength, and healing to our daily routines.  There is nothing negative or demonic about Reiki Energy Therapy.

Years ago, I wouldn’t even watch The Discovery Channel on TV because I was told the devil would get a foothold on my thinking.  Today I have patience and compassion for Christians who are scared and think I’m being deceived.  As a born-again Christian, I was afraid of anything I didn’t see in the Bible.

Many Christians believe that if it doesn’t say “God” you’re getting help from demonic forces.  As a Christian since I was 23 years old, I know my God is Love and All-Powerful.  I don’t have to fear that I’m opening myself up to anything other than God.

Please trust me when I say that I always work with the Divine Source.   God is ALL and God is IN ALL.  Fear scares us away from Truths that can improve our lives.   Universal Life Force Energy or The Holy Spirit is working through me!  I’ve seen countless people helped through my Reiki treatments over the past seven years.

My first experience on my new path of awareness and healing was my questioning what Meditation was and why so many were recommending it.  I attended a Spiritual/Meditation Retreat that focused on improving our conscious contact with God through prayer and meditation.

As a Christian, I had been told that if I “blanked out my mind through meditation I would be opening myself up for the Devil to come in.”  I saw the benefits others were receiving from practicing meditation. After much prayer and study, I came to believe I was not blanking out my mind, I was just lengthening the gap between two thoughts.   I was able to “LISTEN TO THAT STILL SMALL VOICE.”  Twelve years later, I am now teaching meditation at retreats, at my weekly Reiki Shares, and to my clients. Reiki does not adhere to any particular faith or religion but complements and enhances your path, whatever that may be because it gives you a direct experience of your Higher Power.

I am happy and open to talking with you and answering any questions you have about Reiki and Faith, and how they are working together for GOOD.

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