After someone’s first treatment, they usually ask me how often they should come for treatments. The answer is going to be different for everyone. If you have suffered from dis-ease in mind, body, or spirit, one session may not be able to provide maximum benefit. Multiple sessions and a commitment to healing may be necessary. This effectively sets in motion the healing process that has a cumulative effect with each treatment.

Reiki practitioners should also receive regular Reiki treatments to maintain optimal well-being. This is just a guideline. Every practitioner should have their own personal Reiki wellness plan.

Physical and emotional sensations are messages. When they are unpleasant, we know that somewhere our energy flow is being blocked and needs a Reiki treatment for clearing and healing.

Listen to your body for how often you should receive Reiki Energy therapy. I will make suggestions according to what I learned during our consultation and how you feel after your first treatment. My intuition and experience treating people with moderate to severe health and emotional conditions will help us set up an effective treatment schedule.