Reiki for Addiction:  Is It Effective?

There are various types of addiction therapy available. Reiki, also known as energy healing, is a form of alternative therapy. Professional Reiki Practitioners believe that energy has been blocked in the body due to physical or emotional pain and can be unblocked allowing healing energy to flow freely.

Many people who benefit from Reiki enjoy a calmer mind, better memory, enhanced personal awareness, relief from traumatic life experiences, and decreased anxiety or depression symptoms. For many, it has decreased the mental and physical pain that is synonymous with drug addiction.

I recently gave four Reiki treatments to a man who had smoked cigarettes for over 30 years and had been vaping for the past 8 years. He was suffering from withdrawal symptoms, which is the norm in the detoxification process. When he came for his first treatment, he was very nervous and on edge and said he couldn’t think of anything but smoking.

Since Reiki is calming, many people experience relief from the physical and mental pain that usually accompanies withdrawal. Reiki therapy can calm a person down during their anxious and angry state that may be caused by withdrawal.

After his first treatment, he commented on how relaxed he felt. He said he felt so safe and peaceful that he thought he had fallen asleep during the treatment (he had). He came each week for three more sessions. Before we started the fourth week’s treatment, he told me he felt he was DONE! He said he felt a shift mentally and physically after the third treatment and no longer craved smoking. He wasn’t even chewing on a toothpick when he arrived!

I have treated several people in 12-Step programs who have had life-changing results when combining Reiki treatments with the 12-steps. I have personally had success with 12-Step Programs in my own life. I have overcome depression, eating disorders, and alcoholism. I have complimented my recovery by practicing meditation techniques daily and receiving regular Reiki treatments.

One lady took Reiki training from me while in recovery from alcoholism. The Reiki energy she received during training and attunements raised her awareness and vibration helping her stay sober while continuing to give Reiki to herself and others.

There is no scientific proof that Life Force Energy keeps people clean and sober. We know that Reiki therapy geared toward addiction does not replace standard medically and spiritually based approaches for recovery and mental health disorders. However, when used alongside other treatment methods, Reiki therapy for addiction can definitely help some people with their recovery.

I’ve seen many in recovery experience a complete lifestyle change thanks to the positive change Reiki made in their energy levels. I know this is true because I have recovered from a hopeless state of mind and body and I NOW LIVE A HAPPY, JOYOUS, AND FREE LIFE! Will you let me help you???

As Brenda always says, “A little Reiki is better than no Reiki.”