I wish I had known Reiki when I owned my beautiful horse, Zack. I’ve owned other horses, but Zack was so gentle he’d let me throw my robe belt over his neck first thing in the morning and ride bareback on my 26 acres on an Indian mound in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I mention Zack because studies have shown that horses attuned to Reiki have helped people with autism in amazing ways.

There are books written on the ability people on the autism spectrum have to better understand how animals think. Because a horse’s brain and a human’s brain are very similar, horses can sometimes reach autistic people better than humans can. I can attune a horse to Reiki in the same way I attune a person to become a Reiki Practitioner.

A Reiki Practitioner or Master is like a hollow bone/a willing vessel for the energy to flow through and into another, connecting them with the Universal Life Force Energy (that’s the definition of the Japanese word “Reiki”….. to help others heal themselves.

My great nephew, John, lives in California. He is 10 years old and he is autistic. John had horseback riding lessons and he absolutely loved going there. He connected with the horses. Horses seem to ‘put up with more’ from autistic children than other children, which helps build confidence in the autistic child. Horses don’t judge.

I could talk all day about the horses, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters and turtles I’ve owned over my lifetime and what I’ve experienced while treating pets with Reiki Energy Therapy for the past 7 years.

Here’s a quick story to give you an example of how Reiki and animals connect. Cats are naturally receptive to Reiki energy and tend to gravitate toward it. I started going to a lady’s home to give her Reiki treatments. The first time I arrived, she said, “I need to warn you, my cat won’t go near anyone and he may become aggressive if you try to touch him.” Within a couple of minutes of me starting the lady’s Reiki treatment, her cat was on the bed trying to put his head under my hands and he nuzzled up against me the entire treatment! We both had a good laugh over her cat’s shift in attitude. Reiki is love and positive energy. Animals pick up on that.

Keep in mind, when I treat your pet with Reiki, you are also being helped at the same time. Having owned pets my whole life, I know how important they are to us. You will feel better just knowing I am helping your special companion.

When I give an animal Reiki, I always follow their lead. My intuition tells me how they want to be treated. If an animal is in pain, or if they aren’t tame, they may not want to be touched and they will let me know immediately. I will ‘beam’ the energy to them without touch, either from across the room or while sitting next to them. Sometimes I just hover my hands 3 or 4 inches above their body. Then I play it by ear on how to proceed when I see how they are responding to the energy.

If I’m able to touch the animal, one technique I like to use is to put one hand on their head and the other on their chest. If possible, I like to touch all general areas of their energy points. I would be touching their head, neck, heart, stomach, root of their spine, legs and paws. I can trust the energy will go directly to where it is needed no matter how much or where I get to touch them.

Because animals respond so well to Reiki, they usually need less time for a treatment. Sometimes after just a few minutes, they will just walk away; however, it was an exception to the rule when I treated a high-strung miniature doberman the other day. When he arrived his eyes were bulging out with fear and he couldn’t stop pacing. He had been to the Vet several times recently. We put him on my Reiki table between me and his master and for an hour & 15 minutes of Reiki Energy Therapy, he relaxed to the point of eyes drooping and almost asleep…..to his master’s amazement!

Before I give a Reiki energy treatment to anyone, or to their pet, I always offer and ask if they would like me to include healing crystals in the treatment. There are specific colors and crystals that have proved to be effective with energy work. If the pet will not be still enough to place them on their body, I just line them up beside them at the energy points.

I’ve also had great results after sending Distant Reiki treatments to animals across town or even in other states. Energy has no boundaries. The owner holds their pet, or makes sure the pet is resting, for 20-minutes at the time we’ve scheduled to send Reiki energy, the same way I send Distant Reiki to a person. Distant Reiki is a shorter time frame than one-on-one treatments.

My passion is to help every living being be the most vibrant version of themselves.
Have you tried countless ways to help your pet feel better…with little or no relief? Are you ready to do something different? What have you got to lose?