I owned several horses for ten years when I lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. It thrills me to treat and attune a horse to Reiki Energy. I had such a spiritual connection with my horses that people used to call me “The Horse Whisperer”.

While being around horses, I and others have received emotional healing when needed. Sometimes a horse will gently place their nose on an area of our body that needs healing. Many times when I was having relationship problems, my horse would nuzzle my heart area and I would immediately experience a peace and calm come over me.

Giving Reiki Energy Therapy to a horse can help them heal faster and release psychological and physical issues that came from past abuse or abandonment, stress, illness, trauma or other afflictions. Reiki should always be used to compliment what your Veterinarian or Trainer suggests. It helps horses recover faster, and calm behavioral issues, saving owners anxiety and cost. If your horse is approaching end of life, reiki can help bring comfort.

In Love & Light,