Do you need physical relief, do you have emotional issues, or do you desire a closer spiritual connection? Or, do you just need RELAXATION after a busy day?

I first heard of and received Reiki at a Reiki Share almost 8 years ago. I was experiencing severe pain from a work-related stress knot in my shoulder. After only seconds of receiving Reiki, I had immediate relief.
People who attend my Reiki Shares KNOW about Reiki and want to share this wonderful healing energy. People also attend who want to RECEIVE relief and to LEARN more about Reiki Energy. Brenda’s Reiki Shares is a Universal Life Force Energy Therapy freely given and received in groups of like-minded people.

We start with a 5-minute meditation to get calm and focused before the Reiki Share begins.
During the Reiki Share we experience a Sound Bath with the relaxing sounds of the Angel Harp and Crystal Singing Bowls.
Approximately 20 people attend Brenda’s Reiki Shares. Five or six are trained and certified Reiki Practitioners/Masters. They go to every attendee and give mini-Reiki treatments during the session.

The Practitioner/Master is connecting the Universal Life Force Energy with the Energy in the person receiving the treatment. The person receiving is actually assisting in healing themselves on a subconscious level.
All 1st-timers will receive a two-crystal gift bag to take home with them. The optional Love Offering is shared with each Reiki Practitioner/Master who participates.

If you are interested in receiving and learning more about the power of Reiki Energy, give yourself an hour to receive at Brenda’s 3 Reiki Shares offered throughout Pinellas County each month!