How Reiki Boosts Creativity

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Are you struggling to overcome creative blocks? Reiki, an ancient healing practice, may hold the key. This blog explores how Reiki boosts creativity, assisting artists, writers, and musicians to tap deeper levels of creative energy. Discover how this gentle yet powerful approach can unlock your creative potential and transform your artistic endeavors. The Historical and Cultural [...]

How 50 years as a Spiritual Magnetic Healer Enhances Your Reiki

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There is an endless reservoir of healing available from the spiritual side of life for the use of individuals on the earth’s plane.  I use Magnetic Healing to tap into this power.  Today I’d like to explain what makes your Reiki Experience with me different because I’m also a Magnetic Healer.  Please do not confuse [...]

Reiki Master Training: Your Journey from Level 1 to Master

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Embarking on the path of Reiki Master is a transformative experience that enriches your life on multiple levels—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This comprehensive guide aims to walk you through the journey from being a Reiki beginner to becoming a Reiki Master, focusing on the different levels of training. Reiki Level 1: The Foundation The first step [...]

Daily News Causing You Stress and Anxiety?

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Anxiety is a common problem that can be difficult to manage, creating worry and loss of sleep.  Stress can create anxiety that is so uncomfortable you can’t seem to focus on anything else.  Debilitating conditions, the result of weeks and months of negativity, are locked within our bodies. Reiki energy therapy can relieve stress, create [...]

Why attend Brenda’s Reiki Shares?

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Do you need physical relief, do you have emotional issues, or do you desire a closer spiritual connection? Or, do you just need RELAXATION after a busy day? I first heard of and received Reiki at a Reiki Share almost 8 years ago. I was experiencing severe pain from a work-related stress knot in my [...]

Why I Use Crystals During Each Reiki Treatment

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Crystals are thought to add an extra element of healing to the Reiki treatment by helping release blockage in the Body, Mind & Spirit.  Crystals may be placed around or on a person, or they may hold them in their hand during energy therapy. Crystals can be used to boost low energy, prevent [...]

How Can Our Pets Benefit From Reiki Treatments?

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I wish I had known Reiki when I owned my beautiful horse, Zack. I’ve owned other horses, but Zack was so gentle he’d let me throw my robe belt over his neck first thing in the morning and ride bareback on my 26 acres on an Indian mound in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I [...]

Can Reiki Treatments Relieve Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

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I became a Reiki Master, not because of scientific studies, BUT BECAUSE IT WORKS! What is Fibromyalgia? According to medical sources, the term fibromyalgia stems from the Latin “fibra,” for fibrous tissue, the Greek words “mys” for muscle, and “algia” for pain. Fibromyalgia has an impact on muscles, joints, and bones. Fibromyalgia does [...]

Using Reiki Techniques To Get Better Sleep

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Reiki is an energy balancing modality  that induces a state of peace and joy in the body, mind, and spirit. It can also be thought of as a massage for the soul. It is so relaxing that just one  hour of treatment can be equivalent to four hours of sleep. While Reiki mainly focuses on the [...]

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