Crystals are thought to add an extra element of healing to the Reiki treatment by helping release blockage in the Body, Mind & Spirit.  Crystals may be placed around or on a person, or they may hold them in their hand during energy therapy.

Crystals can be used to boost low energy, prevent bad energy, release blocked energy and transform a person’s aura.

So, what’s an aura?  Auras are the invisible energy fields that surround all living things.  Think about how some people give off a super warm and friendly vibe (or really negative energy) even before they say a word.  That’s the aura at work.

My husband worked with a man we hadn’t seen in several years.  He came running over to us at a meditation my husband was playing his Angel Harp for and said, “I have to tell you what happened to me.”

He said he was in the hospital for his third spinal surgery to try to stop constant drainage from his spine.  His daughter brought him a clear quartz healing crystal the night before his surgery and he taped it to his back.  He also said he had been praying constantly for his Highest & Best.  The next morning when the nurse came to prep him for surgery, she gasped and said, “I have to go get the doctor!”

His wound was completely healed and they did not have to operate.  He has been healed for years now.

I give all of my new clients a clear quartz healing crystal at their first treatment to take home with them.  I also give them a tourmaline crystal.  I wear both every day and I have them over my doorways.  Clear quartz brings in love and positivity while Tourmaline wards off any negativity.

Different colors are suggested for each Chakra:

  • Clear/White above the head for the Crown Chakra.
  • Violet between the eyebrows for the 3rd Eye Chakra.
  • Blue for the Throat Chakra.
  • Green for the Heart Chakra.
  • Yellow for the Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • Orange for the Sacral Chakra.
  • Red for the Root Chakra.

Many people comment on the heat they feel from the crystals during a treatment.  The crystals also create relaxation.  I trust the healing power of these natural crystals to be assisting with Reiki Energy Therapy.

My experience with many beautiful gifts from our earth and in my life is that people can turn something wonderful into something scary or negative, due to being misinformed or by contempt prior to investigation.

Crystals form naturally in the earth!  I have never experienced anything but love and healing from the use of crystals during my Reiki treatments!