Having worked for funeral homes for the past 15 years, I can safely say I am an expert at assisting people transition from this life and helping families cope with this inevitable time of life. An article  I read recently from the Fall 2016 issue of Reiki News Magazine resonates my thoughts exactly as a Reiki Master working in this field. When she states, “It is a soul’s shift from a physical existence to an energetic presence”, I can totally relate to this statement. This is her experience and, like me, some of it may be questionable to you regarding what happens to a person who is transitioning, but I remain open to everyone’s experience, as I have heard many stories working in several funeral homes over the years.

I recently paid my final respects and said a final goodbye to a man’s body whom I had worked with for the past 3 1/2 years. I saw this man on a daily basis, but when I saw the shell of what held this man’s soul/spirit, I did not recognize him. If I had been called upon to I.D. his body before cremation, I would’ve had to ask for proof that this was the man I worked with.

With Reiki, we are working with the Universal Life Force Energy which leaves a person at the time of transition. A powerful tool for coping with the last hours in a person’s life here. A privilege to be able to share this energy force with the person in transition as well as those left without them.